A mining project can take many years to develop, with several stages between the discovery of a mineral deposit and the eventual construction and operation of a mine. The Michelin Project is at an eploration stage. We have identified a significant uranium resource in our project area and our focus for the next several years will be on exploration and resource growth.  This will include drilling, prospecting, mapping, geophysical surveys and upgrades to our Michelin camp.  Aurora’s longer term goal is development of a mine at the Michelin site, subject to economic viability, acceptance and regulatory approval.

Importantly, Aurora must gain acceptance from the people of Labrador and regional and federal governments.  Community members must be satisfied that any impacts will be minimized and that the mine will provide meaningful benefits.  Aurora's goal is to ensure that the people of Nunatsiavut and Labrador are fully informed about the exploration activities, planned work programs, health, safety and environmental impacts, and future mine development.