Careers in Mining

The operation of a mine and mill would provide high-quality jobs and training opportunities. For those who feel that a job with the Michelin Project would be right for them, it can offer a chance to use existing skills or learn new ones.

Preparation is an important part of making the most of Michelin Project opportunities. Post-secondary education and previous work experience will be required for some jobs with the Project. For other jobs, training would be provided, but prior experience is always an asset. Aurora encourages any person interested in working with the Project to start thinking now about what skills and experience they can acquire in the time leading up to project development to open up a wider variety of career opportunities.

Aurora is available to talk with people of all skill levels and education backgrounds about potential career paths with the Michelin Project and the potential opportunity that exists.

Men and women of all ages, people of different skill-levels - an opportunity with Aurora is always an equal opportunity. And we believe in hiring locally, to work locally, wherever possible.

Direct Employment

The Michelin Project would see direct job opportunities come in two waves. The first would be during the construction of the mine and mill, which would typically require:

  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Labourers
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Pipe-Fitters
  • Mechanics
  • Support Staff

The second wave would be the operational phase of a mine and mill. The table below shows expected career opportunities, skill-level, and the education, training and work experience required:


Aurora would develop a program to help build and maintain training and employment opportunities for residents of coastal Labrador during all phases of the Michelin Project. Additional information on training will become be available as we progress through the various steps of project development.