Consultations & Events

Sharing information with community members through public consultation is a fundamental part of Aurora’s seasonal work programs. By discussing our work plans, we aim to openly communicate our activities and give residents a chance to bring their questions directly to us. This approach supports smaller groups or one-on-one meetings.

Throughout the exploration phase of our project, we hold public meetings  twice per year to discuss our seasonal work programs. Members of Aurora’s community relations and exploration teams are available to discuss our safety and environmental record, employment and business opportunities and our work activities.

Notices of upcoming community consultations are posted in Labrador coastal communities.

Ches Andersen, Aurora's VP Labrador Affairs, explains our exploration plans at our January 2013 community consultation in Makkovik
Aurora's community consultations provide an overview of recent exploration work and outline plans for future programs (Postville - January 2013)
Aurora attends youth-focused events to raise awareness of employment opportunities associated with exploration and mining activities (Aboriginal Youth Career Fair, 2012)


Aurora continues to commit time and resources towards the Restoration of Labrador Exploration Sites (ROLES) project. More information on the ROLES project can be found here.