Safety, Health & Environment

Aurora is committed to the best safety, health, environmental and social practices. We support resource development that protects the health and safety of our workers, nearby communities, and the environment.  First Responders are on-site at all times during exploration programs. Employees, contractors and visitors are required to meet legislative requirements and to abide by Aurora's safe work procedures and policies. Aurora will assess and eliminate workplace hazards, develop safe work practices, provide education and training, and ensure that the proper equipment is available to safely complete tasks.

Safety, Health & Environment
Safety, Health & Environment
Safety, Health & Environment

Study of existing uranium mining operations around the world, reviews of scientific and safety management information and engagement in the regulatory process are essential in helping us identify best practices for our health, safety, and environmental programs and commitments. This complements our existing approach to community consultation. This regular dialogue with residents in our project area is designed to keep them informed of our activities and to keep a record of their feedback, knowledge, and interests. Aurora is able to easily access information from Paladin's Langer Heinrich and Kayelekera mines in Africa to guide best practices.

Aurora recognizes that the land is socially and culturally important to the people of Labrador. Exploration plans include ways to reduce or eliminate environmental impacts as governed by our Environmental Protection Plan. Independent environmental monitors are utilized during drilling to comply with Nunatsiavut Government permit requirements. We believe that a strong record of environmental protection and stewardship contributes to our business success and supports our efforts to balance the economic, social and environmental needs of sustainable development.

Radiation protection is an important part of uranium exploration. Aurora has developed the Uranium Exploration Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Guideline to provide workers with background information and best practice methods for working with uranium. These Guidelines are based on the principles of ensuring that radiation exposure is as low as reasonably possible. Radiation measurement is done using personal dosimeters, which are sent to Health Canada for quarterly assessment. Managers ensure that employees and contractors receive training to understand and carry out the procedures in the Guidelines.

Aurora has had exceptional success with radiation safety policies and training. The radiation safety record is excellent, with 100% of the site workforce being below the minimum exposure standards prescribed and monitored by Health Canada.

Environmental Baseline Studies

Aurora’s environmental baseline work began in 2005. The studies completed provide important information on the natural environment that hosts our exploration activities. Sikumiut Environmental Management Ltd. (a Labrador Inuit company), Minaskuat (an Innu company), Golder Associates, SENES Consultants Limited, and Stantec Consulting Ltd have been contracted to complete environmental baseline studies.

 In support of our commitment to environmental protection, Aurora has been gathering environmental data designed to develop baseline information for future environmental reviews. These data include:

  • Wildlife surveys
  • Air quality data
  • Weather and climate data
  • Water quality and quantity data
  • Fish and bird surveys
  • Traditional knowledge surveys
  • Radon monitoring
  • Gamma radiation monitoring


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